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Report about Urban Deprivation/Poverty Observatories in the EU
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The GIAU+S (Research group on Architecture, Urbanism and Sustainability of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) has drafted a comprehensive report on urban deprivation/poverty observatories in the EU.

This report is related to the Urban Poverty Partnership's Action 2 "Setting up a European network of national observatories with experience in urban poverty", one of the horizontal Actions of the Partnership.

The study focuses on national observatories of urban poverty in deprived neighbourhoods or areas in the EU. A national observatory is considered to be a mapping tool with statistical information related to poverty/deprivation at the intra-city (neighbourhood) level. 

Authors of the report are: Rafael Córdoba Hernández, Isabel González García, Gerardo Guerrero Periñán; English reviewes: Ms. Pru Brooke-Turner and Mr. Benjamin Wilkes

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