Title Thematic area
European handbook for Sustainable Development Goals voluntary local reviews Productive, smart and connected
The EU regions where women thrive and where they are held back : monitoring EU regional gender equality with the female achievement and disadvantage indices Social inclusion, Job creation and entrepreneurship
European Territorial Trends - Facts and Prospects for Cities and Regions Research and Innovation
Homelessness in EU cities and towns before and during the Covid-19 pandemic Affordable housing
Laboratories of self-construction: a benefit for the community and the common good, as well as an opportunity for new social relationships. Research and Innovation, Job creation and entrepreneurship, Social inclusion, Urban regeneration
An URBACT National Transfer Story: the impact of play in Ireland
WISH-MI Final Journal Research and Innovation, Job creation and entrepreneurship, Social inclusion, Education and employment
URBACT Good Practices: What’s in a name?
Does circularity help to reduce carbon emissions? Energy transition, Circular Economy, Climate change mitigation, Waste management
Challenges adopting Circularity in Energy projects Energy transition, Circular Economy, Climate change mitigation, Waste management
Liège makes purchasing a key ingredient of a local and sustainable food ecosystem
The URBACT call for Good Practices is open!
New perspectives on territorial disparities Mobility, Social inclusion, Education and employment, Urban regeneration
Gradovi energično u borbi protiv klimatskih promjena
5 bite-size morsels for cities to transform local food systems
EU City Lab sobre Contratação Pública para uma Alimentação mais Local, Sazonal e Sustentável
Is a smart city a safe city? Mobility
VoxPop project has delivered the impact assessment framework Research and Innovation, Mobility, Job creation and entrepreneurship, Social inclusion, Climate change mitigation
Call for Innovation Transfer Networks: first updates are here!
INNOAIR Journal 3: Launching and scaling-up the green mobility services Digital transition, Mobility, Social inclusion, Affordable housing, Climate change mitigation
Shape the future URBACT
Synthetic Observations, Remarks & Recommendations Urban regeneration
Culture and Cultural Heritage Mother Booklet Urban regeneration
Action 11 - Final Booklet: Local cultural services fostering social inclusion: Identification of cities’ research needs and peer learning Urban regeneration
Action 10 - Final Booklet and Orientation Paper: Integrated approaches to Dissonant Heritage Urban regeneration
Action 9 - Final Booklet: Observatory on culture/cultural heritage and climate change in the urban framework Urban regeneration
Action 8 - Final Booklet: Guiding Principles for Resilience and Integrated Approaches in Risk and Heritage Management in European Cities Urban regeneration
Action 6 - Final Booklet: Strategic Plan for the Culture Enhancement in Urban Framework Urban regeneration
Action 4 - Final Booklet: Collaborative Management to adapt and reuse spaces and buildings for cultural and social innovative development Urban regeneration
Action 3 - Final Booklet: Cultural Hubs for Innovation, Modernisation and Enhancement (CHIME) Urban regeneration