Urban Agenda for the EU
Urban Regeneration in the EU - INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF URBAN PLANNING Vol.10 N.1 (June 2017)
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The International Journal of Urban Planning (TRIA) published an issue on urban regeneration in the European Union. Although regeneration is often defined as the physical reconstruction and development of land, it covers a larger field, including the social-cultural infrastructure. As a result of the growing interest in globalisation, climate change and lifestyle, urban regeneration is gaining more attention. Urban regeneration strategies combine European/national initiatives with regional/local initiatives that, besides physical aspects, tackle social, economic and cultural urban challenges.

This publication discusses inter alia the development of the Urban Agenda for the EU, urban Europeanisation, urban regeneration, EU urban policies and cohesion policy. Moreover, several projects and case studies of the different dimensions of urban regeneration are covered by the various contributing authors (see table of contents below). 


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The Urban Agenda for the EU represents a new multi-level working method, for urban policy and practice, promoting cooperation between the European Commission, Member States, cities, and other stakeholders. 

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