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The Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy developed a conceptual framework for a Circular Resource Management Roadmap. The framework was developed under Action 8 and aims to support urban authorities in implementing a circular resource management plan as part of the transition from waste management to resource management.

Due to its practicality, it was agreed that such concept should not remain a simple theoretical report and an additional step of practical testing would be beneficial. The aim of such ‘test-drive’ is to get a better understanding of the practical implications and make necessary improvements. And, if needed, legal and policy frameworks will be drafted.

Since testing cannot be finalised during the life span of the Urban Agenda Partnership, it was decided that there was a need to draft a concept note that could serve as global terms of reference. These can be used for a fundable project proposal and involve new partners and stakeholders from outside the Partnership in the future.

Concept note

The Partnership asked an external expert to draft this concept note, and the final result is a concept note that gives a clear view of the challenge of urban circular resource management. The concept of the Roadmap, suggestions on how to test-drive it in practise, and the topic of funding is also touched upon.  

The external expert consulted with various partners and stakeholders and took their feedback and guidance into account during the development of this note.  

Take a look below!

Concept note for test-driving the Roadmap for the implementation of a Circular Resource Management Plan
(543.9 KB - PDF)

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