SASMoB journal 2
In her 2nd journal of SASMoB, UIA expert Zsuzsanna Kravalik reveals an additional layer of the project’s implementation progress in what regards the meaning and impact that the latter has had both for the project’s partnership and the city of Szeged as a whole. She gives the readers a taste of how important it is to know your target group when it comes to changing mobility patterns, diving into the results of different surveys done at project level with different employers, and highlighting what the signing of the mobility pledges will bring in the future.

Zsuzsanna guides us through the technological goals that have been met in the past period, in developing and installing innovative sensors (soon to be self-reliant on energy as well) able to capture anonymized mobility data and turn it to valuable information by exploiting camera images and Wi-Fi signals of passing smart devices. In her words, this is a unique achievement, telling of the scalability and transferability potential of the project in other European cities. 
In this journal, we also find out how SASMoB will relate, work with, contribute and gain from parallel activities in the field of urban sustainable mobility, mostly though the project’s connection with other EU funded projects. 
Finally, Zsuzsanna looks into the challenges faced by SASMoB - both the anticipated ones, but most importantly those that that could not have been predicted. It is worth to find out how a city copes with losing implementing partners but still delivering according to its objectives and plans! Enjoy the reading!

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Zsuzsanna Kravalik, UIA expert
Szeged, Hungary Small and medium-sized cities (50k > 250k)
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