Szeged SASMOB 1st journal
In her first journal of the SASMob project, UIA expert Zsuszana Kravalik looks into the change of mobility culture that is currently being attempted in Szeged, Hungary. While the city itself has undergone infrastructural modifications in the past years, with bicycles and public transport services being particularly enhanced, the city remains restless in achieving sustainable mobility goals by pulling passengers from private and individual means of transport to public and communal ones.

In Zsuszanas words, mobility habits die hard; and these exact habits are the ones the city is looking to overturn through the SASMob project. How? The Journal provides its initial insights on the solutions to be developed in this Hungarian city: intelligent, data-driven transport system and gamification smartphone app, participative mobility governance model and unification of employees and employers through smart commuting deals.

The Journal also explores on how SASMob will reach sustainable urban mobility in an innovative fashion; it sheds light on the methodologies, the soft and hard measures to be taken towards this direction; and discusses the eminent challenges of the city in making this a reality.

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Zsuzsanna Kravalik, UIA expert
Szeged, Hungary Small sized cities (50k > 250k)
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