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In this first episode developed for the project “CAMINA”, Ileana Toscano, UIA expert, introduces the Novel Collective Narrative of Almería’s Cultural Landscape developed by CAMINA as the milestone foundation of the whole project.
For this podcast, Ileana interviews Pablo Macías Bou, expert in innovation and urban design, founder and CEO of Khora Urban thinkers, partner of CAMINA. Ileana and Pablo walk through the Innovative Collaborative Narrative presenting the relevant activities developed by the project.

CAMINA is a holistic initiative aimed at reconnecting the city of Almeria, in Andalusia, Spain, with three neighbourhoods, that represent the splendour past of the ancient city and that nowadays have lost the central position in the city life. CAMINA is fostering a new approach to promote Cultural Participation and Inclusion in Almeria by focusing on three neighbourhoods: Almedina, La Chanca-Pescaderia and the Centre. The project’s innovation results from the rediscovering of the culture and the cultural heritage of Almeria, as a tool to positively impact the social integration of the people living in the fringes.

The project acronym “CAMINA” means “WALK!”, which is the paradigm of the project innovation. CAMINA is willing to promote the connection between the three neighbourhoods and Almeria citizens through cultural urban walks. By walking through cultural heritage sites, “cultural nodes” and cultural events taking place in public spaces, CAMINA encourages the citizens of Almeria to be part of their cultural heritage and the ancient neighbourhoods.

The art of walking” allowed to write the Novel collaborative Narrative of Almeria, created by local testimonials and experts to bridge the diverse and multicultural communities living in the city.

The Novel collaborative Narrative of Almeria is presented in this podcast.

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