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CAMINA proposes to use culture as a tool for social integration by creating a new attractive and integrative city narrative of multiculturalism based on History and promoting access to culture to a wider range of the population. CAMINA’s Cultural Landscape Storytelling Group will build Almeria’s collective narrative using Design Thinking techniques. This narrative will represent all the diverse social groups of the city.

3 cultural landscapes will structure the narrative: Old Sea Port, Alcazaba, and Indaliano realism. The Narrative will be transmitted to citizens through a circular route composed of physical and IT interventions that will connect the 3 neighborhoods separated by the nonexistent medieval wall (Chanca, Almedina, and City Center).

6 Civic curators of 3 art forms (fine arts, performative arts and audiovisual arts) formed by community groups, cultural managers, enablers and social engagers will produce cultural programs based on the new collective narrative of Almeria and promote cultural demand with the support of mediators.

3 nodes strategically located in the 3 neighborhoods will be set up as gathering and working space for civic curators. Each Civic Curator will produce 2 cultural activities, the first one (year 1) will be leaded by Cultural Managers and the second one (year 2) will be leaded by Community Groups.

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