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UIA Expert Pietro Elisei highlights in this video the steps being taken to bring new opportunities to the Monterusciello neighbourhood


In the first Zoom-In produced for the MAC project being implemented in the city of Pozzuoli we learn about the preparation of the Monterusciello Agro Urban Centre. It will be based in the neighbourhood’s main square that has remained abandoned and vandalised for the last ten years. It highlights the work being done to turn this deprived neighbourhood into a centre of agricultural production with permaculture as well as training and entrepreneurship opportunities being created.

The UIA will publish a collection of Zoom-In’s from its funded projects annually in a variety of formats including: articles, interviews, videos or infographics. Zoom-In’s are an in-depth look into a specific part of the project allowing us to deepen the knowledge generated by the project concerning the solutions designed and implemented. It provides further information on how to overcome the main challenges related to the experimentation of innovative projects in a real urban setting.

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Pietro Elisei, UIA Expert
Pozzuoli, Italy Small and medium-sized cities (50k > 250k)
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