Journal 2
UIA Expert Juan de las Cuevas has been collecting the knowledge stemming from the implementation of the innovative solution proposed by the City of Paris for this 2nd project journal.
The project aims to achieve a breakthrough by creating a new energy ecosystem at Clichy-Batignolles, a 54 hectares eco-district under construction. The aim is to reach the energy efficiency objectives: 50 kWh per square meter and 90% less CO2 emissions. The project will establish a first of its kind multi-stakeholders energy governance system: the Urban Energy New Deal (UEND). This new deal will define on a collective basis the energy commitments and the contractual, financial and regulatory conditions necessary to its successful implementation.
This 2nd Journal outlines the project’s progress during the last semester and reflects upon the main challenges faced and analyse how they have been dealt with.
The Journal extracts some lessons learned in relation to all negotiations, in which so many different stakeholders seem to agree to achieve the common objectives of the CoRDEES Project; to become an example and guide for other districts and cities. The Journal also introduces the key protagonists of the CoRDEES consortium, because they are the ones who make the “engine” work at full capacity.

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Juan de las Cuevas, UIA Expert
Paris, France
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