URLP journal 2
UIA Expert Dani de Torres has been collecting the knowledge stemming from the implementation of the innovative solution proposed by the City of Utrecht for this 2nd project journal.
The Utrecht Refugee Launchpad, locally known as Plan Einstein, seeks to develop a new way to deal with neighbourhood refugee reception facilities. The City of Utrecht is looking to apply an inclusive approach, in order to facilitate integration from day one by introducing a shared living concept in which local youth and asylum seekers can cohabitate.
This 2nd Journal outlines the project’s progress during the last semester and reflects upon the main challenges faced and analyse how they have been dealt with.
This Journal describes and analyses the main challenges currently faced by the project:
• how to increase the level of participation – particularly as regards neighbours – in the centre’s activities, by diversifying and intensifying activities and opportunities for cooperation and meeting;
• how to manage the closure of the reception centre in November 2018 and its consequences for asylum seekers, young people and neighbours;
• and how to promote the transfer the U-RLP experience as a new way of understanding and managing refugee reception.

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Daniel De Torres, UIA expert
Utrecht, The Netherlands
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