The DIAMS digital platform: Towards a collaborative approach to improve the air quality governance- Zoom-in
The UIA DIAMS project, lead by the Aix Marseille Metropole, aims to engage the different parts of the society to improve the air quality problems in the region. One of the main deliveries that the project is working on is the creation of a open source data-exchange platform focused on air quality service delivery. This first zoom-in report focuses on the online platform, from its purpose and focus passing by its design process and by its future use.

The UIA DIAMS online platform originates from the idea the “air as a service” and it would be the platform for data and services exchange provided by different type of contributors. The platform is based on four main areas: sensor platform; territorial portal; innovation portal and services platform. Making data and apps available for the whole society will help finding ways to combat air pollution in a collaborative way.

A design sprint was held for five days at the end of June 2020 that produced a prototype focused on the end-user. This type of methodology ensure that the proposed solution is aligned with needs of the users. It also contributes to overcome potential obstacles and resistances that might appear in the future.

Read more about it in the zoom-in below.

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