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The DIAMS project, which stands for "Digital Alliance for Marseille Sustainability" has 4 main objectives reflecting the five senses of human brain: 
- Perception: To improve air quality information and produce high quality, detailed data 
- Balance: To promote a fluid transmission of territorial data and air quality data between urban, regional and national platforms and ensure their consistency. 
- Creation: To stimulate creativity and harnessing the expertise of citizens and the private sector to co-develop and implement innovative solutions to improve air quality.
-Movement: To provide personalized and adaptable information to citizens and policy makers to encourage their awareness and engagement. 
In concrete terms, the DIAMS project consists in deploying a platform for the exchange of data on air quality and digital services that allows everyone (political decision-makers, experts, citizens, civil society, economic actors, for example) to commit themselves to developing coordinated action plans at all territorial levels (individual, hyper local, urban, regional, national and supranational)
To carry out this project, 7 partners are mobilized around the Metropolis, representing the world of business, associations and civil society: Atmosud, La Poste, Aria Technologies, Matrice, L'Air et Moi, Groupe Tera, AVITEM.

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