Cycling in the COMMUTE project - ZOOM-in 2
Vanessa Holve, UIA Expert of COMMUTE project, in this Zoom-In presents the main objectives of the newly adopted cycling action, its challenges, but also some history and background about the local, national and EU approaches on cycling.

With COMMUTE , Toulouse Metropole is clearly going a step beyond national ambitions on the matter. The partnership chosed to work on cycling as a result from consultation and co-creation - thus highlighting the benefits from the unique COMMUTE collaborative governance model. The late addition of the cycling action to the COMMUTE project also demonstrates how this mode of transport is increasingly attractive in cities of that size, and how the national and EU levels should continue to provide support to cities in promoting it, like it has been the case for COMMUTE.


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Vanessa Holve, UIA Expert
Toulouse Metropole, France
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