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Toulouse Metropolitan’s strong demographic and economic growth creates difficulties in accessing the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport area that now already hosts ca. 70 000 jobs and will attract 250 000 new ones according to estimations by 2030. The risks connected with said expansion are especially related to mobility (e.g. more drive-alone car drivers commuting to work and more traffic), but also to C02 emissions and air quality, as well as quality of life of the employees working in this specific industrial and airport area. The COMMUTE project addressed the aforementioned risks through project partnership-led coordinated combined actions that build on an innovative collaborative approach bringing together key stakeholders at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport area (large companies, intercommunal transport authority, and political decision makers).

During its implementation, the UIA project has capitalised on its experience so that it can be shared with peers. The outputs displayed on this page are the result of this process.

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Toulouse Metropole, France
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