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The third journal of the CORDEES project is out! UIA expert Juan R. de las Cuevas gives us details how “the technical challenges are being overcome every week since the past journal edition: the software platform to be used by inhabitants to have real access to their energy use profiles has already been developed. Its design is counting on some tenants´ feedback, for it to be clear, intuitive and useful. The Urban Energy Services are underway to being totally operative in the coming months, with many sensors already in place, and some more ready to be installed during the winter. Two companies have already started to train tenants, and the “CORDEES Ambassadors” are already having meetings with inhabitants, to teach them how to behave efficiently and pay less for energy every month. In line with this, the monitoring platform is already operative, and real and estimated data are providing valuable information to the most interested parties; the network operators, the building operators, and also, of course, the tenants. All is yet to be polished before shining, but the working open fronts are moving forward with a positive pace.”
Read what else has happened in the third journal!

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Juan Ramon de las Cuevas, UIA Expert
Paris, France
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