The Climate Shelters project
In his 2nd Zoom-in, Constantinos Cartalis, UIA Expert for the Climate Shelters (Adapting Schools to Climate Change through green, blue and grey Solutions) project of the City of Barcelona,  explores a climate innovation project “to beat the heat”.

The video refers to the challenge to be met, namely the adaptation of Barcelona to the impacts of climate change especially with respect to heat waves, presents the project’s innovative idea to convert schoolyards to “cool islands” through green, blue and grey interventions, and digs deep into the elements of the methodology which are critical for the successful "design to implementation" transition. To this end, it presents  steps and results from the scientific assessment of the state of environment at  the school scale, notes the engagement of schools in the design phase, showcases in particular interventions and results for two of the selected schools, speaks about the benefits of the project for the city and refers to the role of schools as agents of community well- being.

The Zoom-in demonstrates the high replication potential of the project for other cities in the European Union as well as the need to define and implement smart and innovative urban solutions to adapt to climate change.

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Constantinos Cartalis
Barcelona, Spain
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