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The GBG_AS2C project solution relies on a package of measures to adapt schools to climate change. By nature, schools are relevant spaces where actions can be implemented to adapt the city to climate change for the benefit of all. Any action carried out in schools will be maximized considering the vulnerable population they host, as well as their low level of adaptation to heat due to infrastructures precariousness. Moreover, not only their spatial distribution in the city ensures great capillarity and penetration in the communities, but they also offer the possibility for continuous use throughout the year. 
Therefore, schools playgrounds will be transformed into climate shelters and be open to the wider public in non-school period. Playground transformation will be operated through a threefold intervention - Green, Blue, and Grey - essentially articulated around the introduction of an aquatic (blue) component at the heart of the cities, as accessible municipal recreational point of refreshment. This will be combined with greening and applying traditional solutions (grey) to school facilities in order to combat heat. 
Next to the infrastructure interventions, different processes will be implemented together with the school communities in order to raise Climate Change awareness. Especially, the participatory processes of playgrounds transformation as well as the adoption of an educational project including teachers training and the involvement of students and school professionals in the health impact assessment.

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