In his 5th journal of CitiCAP, UIA expert Philip Turner describes his take on the project over the last 6 months which saw the start of the transitioning from the test phase of the Personal Carbon Trading Scheme (PCT) to research stage, alongside the finalisation of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) and near completion of the city’s main cycle highway. The Journal shows that the project continues at pace despite the inevitable impact of Covid-19.

A key time slot in the year for the CitiCAP project was the EU Mobility Week which is an annual initiative by the European Commission which encourages cities and regions to showcase their commitment every September to clean and sustainable urban transport.  The wide scale interest from citizens and global media shows just how the project has captured the interest and imagination of people from around the world which will help provide the building blocks needed for other cities to take up the CitiCAP model.

Phillip describes in detail the challenges faced by CitiCAP; notably the impact that Covid-19 has had on mobility patterns and shows that, despite this, overall performance can be seen to have improved when compared to previous Journals.  So, regardless of all the challenges we are facing, progress in Lahti continues as we enter the final stages of the project!

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