Lahti Journal 2
In his 2nd journal of CitiCAP, UIA expert Philip Turner describes his take on the project over the last 6 months, which included a stimulating and enriching visiting experience in the city of Lahti. He tells us about the emissions allowances of the PCT scheme, central to the project’s success, and also the rewarding allocation and how local businesses are brought into it.

In Philip’s words, the idea is to test and replicate the personal Carbon Trading Model in other European cities. An already launched mobile application has attracted interest from several cities and negotiations are ongoing for actually testing in!  
Philip also guides us through several interesting aspects of the projects on setting a price on carbon, allocating carbon emissions among citizens in a fair way, and the need to proceed with a SUMP in the city as soon as possible. 
Finally, Philip looks into the challenges faced by CitiCAP; both the anticipated ones, but most importantly those that that could not have been predicted. He stresses his attention for now and the future on Monitoring and Evaluation for CitiCAP; a challenge to be surely overcome! Read through to find out how! 

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Philip Turner, UIA expert
Lahti, Finland Small and medium-sized cities (50k > 250k)
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