Rotterdam BRIDGE journal 4
In his 4th journal of BRIDGE, UIA expert Eddy Adams looks into the future legacy of the project. To name but a few, the high-level Work Learning Agreement between the City, Lead Industry bodies and vocational schools and the extension of the Career Start Guarantees (CSGs) on unemployed adults are standouts of what BRIDGE is leaving behind for new city administrations to come.

In Eddy’s words, there is now consensus of the need to improve the articulation between education and the labour market. In his journal, Eddy sheds light on the progress of BRIDGE in what regards the rather complex issue of Social Return on Investment and the efforts of the project to develop a digital social impact token to improve the latter functioning. 
The journal also touches on the issues of key influencers’ roles in the lives of young people with teachers and parents on the spotlight. Finally, expect to find out Eddy’s 5 key innovation messages for Europe’s cities in what regards public sector innovation!

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Eddy Adams, UIA Expert
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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