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The BRIDGE project managed to contribute to the transformation of the deprived focus area of Rotterdam South by closing the mismatch between the education system and the labour market in the area. It has managed to do so in various ways, most notably through:

a) the signature of the Learning Agreement between 13 partners including the City Authority, Lead Industry bodies and vocational schools, regarding the commitment of involved parties to work on transitions from school to work, transitions between jobs, and on the transitions back to work

b) the development of Career Start Guarantees that saw 1135 students being vocationally trained

Most importantly, the Learning Agreement acknowledges the importance of investment in the effective functioning of the city’s labour market (which is the main message – the core of BRIDGE).

During its implementation, the UIA project has capitalised on its experience so that it can be shared with peers. The outputs displayed on this page are the result of this process.

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