As a business and knowledge network, we are the shortest distance between relevant stakeholders in Orestad. We create and facilitate projects which further sustainability, innovation and urban development. 


Strong points 

  • Together our members constitute large and important institutions and companies, "muscle mass is there".
  • Coordination between stakeholders.
  • Strong ties to the municipality.
  • Locally based.

Key stakeholders 

Orestad Innovation City Copenhagen : 

  • Secretariat
  • Board
  • Members
  • Project leaders
  • Steering group and working groups
  • Networks

City strategy 

As an innovation district, OICC taps into The City of Copenhagen's policies and plans, where relevant. As a new and quite large district within Copenhagen, Orestad is both representative of certain trends but also has distinct qualities, amongst them being the district with the youngest, average age and a high number of expats.  It is therefore a good testing ground for various projects.  


Results and impacts 

  • Fixed goals in OICC strategy - no. of projects engaged in, no. of members, member satisfaction measured, recognition by the municipality as frontrunner.
  • RE: Concrete projects UIDL: business model for data collaborative, new projects based on obtained knowledge.
  • EFL: Orestad as testing ground for model to be scaled to whole of Cph. municipality.
  • BID: increased knowledge and turnover, establishment of local business partnerships.
  • City Stage: Orestad as a cultural beacon, catalyst for local cultural projects, increased knowledge of and interest in Orestad. 


  • Communication & reach
  • Transfer of knowledge
  • Branding
  • Long-term funding
  • Framing of OICC

Enabling conditions 

  • Having OICC as facilitator.
  • Communication.
  • Bringing people together.
  • Being ambitious.

Transfer tips

  • Find your Unique Selling Points
  • Be patient
  • Find the right people
  • Constantly think in connections
  • Think of scale

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