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The study contributes to the Action 1 of the Urban Agenda Partnership on Security in Public Spaces. In this light, Action Plan foresees evolution of a self-assessment tool that would support EU cities and regions in urban safety and security. It seeks to diminish the knowledge gap within the urban authorities and ensure the creation of effective policies for an improved urban security.

The study grounds its research on the following questions:

  1. What is needed to know in order to assess and measure urban safety and/or urban security?
  2. How to make practical and effective assessment and/or measurement of urban safety and/or of urban security?

As a starting point, the study analysed needs and current practices to assess security and safety around the cities. Building on its results, report outlined a new conceptual framework that would support cities in the practical and effective self-assessment practice regarding urban security. This holistic framework is constructed around six dimensions, namely, quality of life, social cohesion, public space liveability, sense of safety in public spaces, urban security and background conditions. Final part includes a question-based checklist that serves to guide cities in defining their self-assessment method and operationalising the framework.

For more information, download the study below.

Action 1 - Report on Approaches and Tools to Assess and Measure Security and Safety in Urban Areas
(2.45 MB - PDF)
Simona Cavallini
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The Urban Agenda for the EU represents a new multi-level working method, for urban policy and practice, promoting cooperation between the European Commission, Member States, cities, and other stakeholders. 

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