Urban Agenda for the EU
PUM Outcomes in brief
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Cities play a decisive role in developing pragmatic and future oriented solutions for the challenges ahead – and urban mobility is a key topic that strongly affects the daily life of European citizens.


Eight Cities, two Regions, five Member States, two EU institutions and six umbrella organizations as well as further stakeholders have jointly worked together: this is how cooperation in a modern and cooperative EU looks like.

In the past 3,5 years the Partnership for Urban Mobility contributed to the Urban Agenda for the EU and thus to the further development of European cities in a multi-level, multi-stakeholder approach. This innovative feature has fostered significant collaboration between all levels of government.


The following brochure summarises the working structures, key objectives, priority topics and the outcomes of the Partnership.


The Partnership encourages everybody to pursue a wide dissemination of the knowledge achieved through the project work, and to make maximum use of the Action Outcomes to ensure that the Urban Agenda for the EU continues to function as effectively as possible, helping to strengthen urban policy at all levels.

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Urban Agenda for the EU
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The Urban Agenda for the EU represents a new multi-level working method, for urban policy and practice, promoting cooperation between the European Commission, Member States, cities, and other stakeholders. 

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