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This Science for Policy report focuses on urban and territorial strategies promoted by the EU Cohesion Policy during the 2014-2020 programming period, namely Sustainable Urban Development (SUD), Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) and Community-led Local Development (CLLD), and explores whether and how they may contribute to the integration and inclusion of international migrants in the local context. The study illustrates the findings of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) Exploratory Research Activity (ERA) International migrants in Functional Urban Areas. How strategies of sustainable urban development can foster the integration of migrants?, which integrates two analytical approaches, with in-depth case studies based on local data and performed by local academics complementing the analysis carried out at EU-level.

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Joint Research Center – Territorial development

The Joint Research Center  – Territorial development unit supports the territorial articulation of the EU policy agenda, its external investment and global outreach. Our aim is to deliver world-class science-for-policy support to bring Europe closer to citizens and places, turning territorial diversity into value.

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