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This EU study surveyed 133 towns and cities across 16 countries, analyzing homelessness based on size (small towns to big cities). Interestingly, smaller towns were more likely to report no homelessness, while those with homeless populations had a wider variety of individuals experiencing it. Additionally, smaller towns saw more stable homeless numbers during the pandemic compared to larger cities. The reasons for these differences are unclear : Better prevention programs ? migration patterns ? Or even how homelessness is measured ?

This research is important for creating better policies to address homelessness, aligning with the United Nation's "Leave No One Behind" principle for sustainable development.

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Joint Research Center – Territorial development

The Joint Research Center  – Territorial development unit supports the territorial articulation of the EU policy agenda, its external investment and global outreach. Our aim is to deliver world-class science-for-policy support to bring Europe closer to citizens and places, turning territorial diversity into value.

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