Urban Agenda for the EU
Action 2 - A Guide to Measuring Spend and Wider Impact
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Action 2 - Guide de mesure des dépenses et de l'impact global
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This guide has key synergies to Action 1 of the Partnership about building procurement strategies. The guide seeks to provide support to cities and other institutions as to how they can understand where their procurement spend goes and the process of measuring wider impact. It is targeted at the following groups:

  • Public procurement practitioners;
  • Economic development practitioners;
  • Local and regional authorities;
  • National governments;
  • European commission.

The guide consists of the following sections:

  • Section 2 describes a bespoke spend analysis tool which has been developed by Preston City Council;
  • Section 3 provides guidance around how cities can measure wider impact, through a series of steps, considerations and case studies;
  • Section 4 provides a description of existing spend analysis and wider impact tools;
  • Section 5 provides conclusions and recommendations.

Follow the link to see the full document.

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