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Cultural Hidrant is becoming a watershed for inter-municipal approaches to urban development and water services management.
With its 23 km long pathway crossing 8 municipalities in the area, Hadrian aqueduct originates as a metropolitan infrastructure, and can play a relevant role in the future development of the Athens region at large.

More in general, Cultural Hidrant is contributing the conversation about green and just transition in the Athens area, showcasing how city resiliency, strategies of adaptation to climate change, and sustainable development can be approached locally.

In the podcast zoom-in "The voice of Hadrian aqueduct", policy makers, experts, scientists and city-makers inside and outside the trajectories of the UIA finenced initiative report about how water and water services are being reframed at city and metropolitan level, giving birth to an unprecedented reflection about the future of an entire region.


Innovation in the way supra municipal organizations interact and put solutions in play represents great opportunity for institutional redesign, the redefinition of the roles and missions of public bodies, the transfromation of bureaucratic practices, the commitment of people in institutions.  What is happening In the enlarged Hadrian community shows that the redesign of public action, the redrafting of roles and narratives, the opening of processes and policies can generate a change in the way institutions and organizations work together. Inside and outside the borders of the Cultural HIDRANT initiative, Hadrian partnership is inventing a new culture of territorial cooperation, finally promoting a different approach to what we can call “A metropolitan Athens”. 


A special thanks goes to participants to interviews and people that contributed with content, document and information: Katerina Apostolopoulou, communications consultant at EYDAP; Haris Biskos, architect and UIA Expert; Costas Gerolymatos, coordinator of UIA Cultural HIDRANT; Christos Giovanopoulos, Cultural HIDRANT staff; Stefania Gyftopoulou, Cultural HIDRANT staff; Themis Gkion, project manager at EYDAP; Eleni Myrivili, Chief Heat officer for the City of Athens; Iossif Parsalis, CEO at NMA - New metropolitan Attica; Dimitris Poulios, architect and Urban designer consulting the Regional Authority of Attica; Giorgos Sachinis, Director of strategies and innovation at EYDAP; Teodora Tzeferi, archaeologist at the Hellenic Ministry of Culture; Konstantinos Zervas, project manager at NMA - New metropolitan Attica.


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