After the testimonies of Turin and Rotterdam, you can now read the story from the city of Bologna, one of the three urban authorities that have built upon their experiences in URBACT to design an innovative UIA project.

URBACT and UIA agreed to produce a series of interviews telling the story of how three urban authorities have built upon their experiences as part of the URBACT Programme to design innovative and successful UIA projects. After the first articles dedicated to the experiences of Turin and Rotterdam, it is now time to learn more about the trajectory and approach used by the City of Bologna.

This article features the interview of Manuela Marsano and Inti Bertocchi, both involved in the management and coordination of the Villa Salus project. Both explain how the involvement in the URBACT Programme and their work on social innovation and governance through different URBACT networks has helped the City of Bologna to design a successful innovative UIA project addressing the integration of migrants and refugees.

You can read this last article of the series here.


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