An update on the implementation of the Public Private Citizen Partnership and of the cirtual currency
Vilawatt is currently considered to be a Spanish example in social innovation and community energy, at a time when energy poverty and energy access are becoming part of a nexus.

UIA Expert Lucia Fuselli tries to capture the latest development of the project, describing how the partnership has overcome the administrative and legal bottlenecks encountered and how the project is planning to fully invest the remaining time on the implementation and achievement of its final outputs. The implementation of the Public Private Citizens Partnership (PPCP) and Local Energy Operator (LEO), the issues of the virtual currency, and the process of parallel implementation of both governance mechanisms and energy efficiency infrastructure are at the core of this Vilawatt Journal. 
The document draw also some lessons learned after more than 2 years of implementation, such as the benefit from its early investment on engagement, which brought several commercial and residential owners to participate in the demo-renovations.  In the conclusion, Expert Fuselli identifies some challenges still head of Villawat. But the City of Viladecans seems ready to step-up and ensure a successful finalisation of the project.

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Lucia Fuselli, UIA expert
Viladecans, Spain Small sized cities (50k > 250k)
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