TMaaS web article No 2 - TMaaS Replicator City program Part 1: process and results

The TMaaS Replicator City Program is an important part of the TMaaS project, aiming to increase the number of cities that use the TMaaS solutions, by assisting cities external to the project consortium in adapting the developed solutions, together with the transfer of knowledge and experiences gained by the TMaaS project partners. The TMaaS project has therefore launched an Open Call to any interested cities worldwide in February 2019. This announcement also included the execution of a dedicated online webinar, social media advertisements and related news on the project’s website, in order to disseminate the TMaaS Replicator City Program and to attract the interest of cities. Six applications were received from an equal number of cities. The three cities that were finally selected to work hands-on with the TMaaS team and the developed solutions are Southwark (London, United Kingdom), Antwerp (Belgium) and Duran (Ecuador).

Southwark: TMaaS Dashboard for traffic managers

The TMaaS replication activities in the London Borough of Southwark, United Kingdom, focus on TMaaS solutions that provide traffic managers with the ability to exploit multi-source data for real-time traffic monitoring and management purposes. The TMaaS dashboard is deployed for this reason, as well as for mapping the alternative transport options and modes in the selected part of the Borough.











Antwerp: Connecting Slim naar Antwerpen to TMaaS

The TMaaS replication activities in the city of Antwerp, Belgium, focus on the creation of integrated interfaces between Antwerp’s existing routeplanning service, the Slim Naar Antwerpen routeplanner, with the TMaaS alternative routes calculator.







Duran: Improved public transport fleet management with TMaaS

The TMaaS replication activities in the city of Duran, Ecuador, focus on improved monitoring of the newly designed public transportation system of the city, by utilizing GPS technologies for tracking vehicles of the public transport bus fleet. The real-time location of public transport buses is visualized on a map of TMaaS, assisting thus the city towards the optimization of the public transport system’s operations.


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