Super Circular Estate project - Journal 2
Take a look at the latest developments around Kerkrade’s project.

As UIA Expert Elma Durmisevic presents, “Many challenges with respect to the differences between circular and conventional building process have been addressed by consortium members in zoom-in movie from January 2019.  Key challenges mentioned by the design and engineering team are changing roles of participating partners through the development process, shifting responsibilities, shifting user’s perception and acceptance of reused materials, changing costs and financial models, development of new building methods, registration of materials and their potential future value. Although the project is facing big challenges, it has already illustrated the potential of new circular approach to the transformation of existing buildings. As such, SCE has already drawn attention of the Dutch Government and its ministers, National Universities and research institutions, and has won well-recognised Dutch Building Prise 2019.”

Check out how Journal 2 will “address the selection of materials to be reused in the new construction, (…) will elaborate design of new houses, which is now in building preparation stage, and finally initial financial and environmental impacts of the designed solutions will be discussed”!

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Elma Durmisevic, UIA Expert
Kerkrade, The Netherlands Small sized cities (50k > 250k)
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