A man reading a document during one of the workshop on Rudi's governance model
This video reports on how the Rudi partners and key stakeholders designed the governance model for the future.

Rudi aims to develop a platform for local data exchange. What will be the future governance of the project? Who will decide of what? Under which conditions? 

For this second "Zoom-in" carried out for the UIA, we report on the collaborative design of the governance model. In 2022, Rudi's stakeholders met to discuss the key questions of the governance of the platform and the community. We interviewed Marion Glatron (Rennes Métropole) and Taoufik Vallipuram (Ouishare) to discuss the process - and the results!

(English and French subtitles available)

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CHIGNARD Simon, UIA Expert
Rennes Metropole, France
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