Tast'in Fives Journal 2
Faced with several issues that consistently delayed the works of the community kitchen and the surrounding spaces (mainly due to additional depollution interventions needed), the Tast’n Fives partnership has demonstrated how reactivity and adaptation are two key aspects of innovation processes.

In her 2nd Journal, UIA Expert Melody Houk looks at the recent activities (cooking workshops, conferences, cine soup) in the temporary community kitchen and food court on the Avant-Gout” site that already attracted more than 58.000 visitors since their opening. 

She analyses how these first temporary experiences are a very relevant test bed to draw lessons for the design of the governance and business model of the future eco-system (kitchen, incubator, food court, vertical farm). 

Defining and formalizing this complex model before the delivery of the renovated spaces is definitively the main challenge ahead for the local teams.  The Journal provide interesting insights on the main options being considered, all innovative but also complex.


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Mélody Houk, UIA Expert
Lille, France
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