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After a series of sophisticated user experience tests, Passport4Work launched its first prototype this month.

Passport4Work subjected its first prototype to a series of user experience tests in the past two months.
To find out more, watch the mini-documentary (just under 2 minutes) and learn about the process and the results below!

The video is in Dutch, please enable English subtitles from the menu.

Over the course of the past two months, Passport4Work has conducted a series of user experience tests among its targeted beneficiaries. 

By means of eye-tracking and interviews, the participants were monitored throughout their usage of the P4W app. In total, 25 participants were subjected to an in-depth analysis on an individual basis. These participants were selected based on their vocational educational attainment levels, as well as their age. The following age cohorts were involved: 18-27; 27-34; 34-45; 45-55 & 55+.

Eye tracking test
Testing the app with eye tracking


The results of the tests show that users across all ages and educational backgrounds generally found the app engaging to use, with a strong intention to start and keeping using the app upon its wider release in 2021. Especially the fact that the app can be used anyplace, anytime on their own devices was found to be appealing, and a strong differentiator from other tools. The tests have resulted in extensive qualitative, constructive feedback which can be used to further strengthen the prototype.

The feedback pertains to the design and use of the tool: for example navigation through the app and its various components, whether it is clear what the user has to do in the app, and the degree to which the user understands the process and contents (e.g. where to click to proceed). Through incorporating the respective feedback on this, the project team is working hard to further optimize the prototype towards its next release. Once the next prototype is completed, another round of UX testing will be conducted to validate the effective incorporation of feedback.


Test results
The next prototype will incorporate the results from the UX test


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