CO-CITY journal 2
UIA Expert Christian Iaione has been collecting the knowledge stemming from the implementation of the innovative solution proposed by the City of Turin that is transforming abandoned structures and vacant land into hubs of resident participation in order to foster community spirit as well as the creation of social enterprises with the aim of contributing to reduce urban poverty in different areas of the city.

 In the second UIA Journal, you will find out how the project has continued to progress looking specifically at:

  • The results of the calls for proposals for the Pacts of Collaboration
  • The first steps carried out by the City of Turin in the co-design phase that will lead to the definition of the urban regeneration interventions in the final version of the pacts of collaborations
  • An update on the project’s other activities that are tackling the challenge of innovation of public procurement at the local level
  • Participation of the City of Turin and the UIA expert Christian Iaione to the Urban Partnership of the Urban Agenda for the EU on Innovative and Responsible Public Procurement
  • The process of learning and exchange activated at in the Italian national context through a high technical seminar with lawyers, administrative judges and Italian urban policy representatives

This second journal provides a practical overview of how the project is trying to go beyond traditional measures to combat poverty.

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Christian Iaione, UIA expert
Turin, Italy
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