P4W Journal 2: A phase of intensive technical development and prototyping!
In his 2nd journal, UIA Expert Ronald Lievens reflects on the current state of affairs in the Passport4Work (P4W) project, its developments, and the different challenges surrounding its implementation. In its quest to strengthen the labour market, the P4W project has now entered a phase of intensive technical development and prototyping.

After successfully building the technical foundation of the platform, now its building blocks are being realized through prototyping. These building blocks include the highly innovative gamified assessment, eLearnings, job matching and lifelong learning modules.

While job seekers and employers will soon be able to find each other through a "passport for work" profile, this process has not been without hurdles. For example, on top of the seven general implementation challenges, several project-specific challenges were identified, including privacy and ownership of data and gaining formal recognition for unproven solutions. Some of these have strained the project's activities, and called for appropriate remedies.

To learn more about each of these challenges, their urgency for the project, and how the project team has mitigated them, have a read through!


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