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Get to know better what Milan is doing in this UIA Expert journal!

It’s been a year since the OpenAgri project has started its implementation and many activities have been carried out. The project has begun to produce knowledge stemming from implementation of its innovative solution. Innovative projects such as this one will come across challenges that will put to the test its implementation. UIA Expert, Luis Miguel Nunes de Sousa, describes in the project’s first journal what has happened since its initiation. Get to know better what Milan is doing on the Jobs and Skills topic in this UIA Expert journal!

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Miguel Sousa, UIA Expert
Milan, Italy
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The Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) is a European Union initiative that provided funding to urban areas across Europe to test new and unproven solutions to urban challenges. The initiative had a total ERDF budget of €372 million for 2014-2020.

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