The OASIS journey: From the co-design process to the final transformation of schoolyards
In her first Zoom-in, Maria Sitzoglou, UIA Expert for the OASIS Schoolyards project, presents the project journey from the co-design phase until the actual schoolyard transformation.

In this video, Maria takes you through each step of the way from the details of each method used for co-designing with the school community to analysing the process for developing the new schoolyard plans that reflect the pupils’ aspirations, respond to the current environmental challenges while also adjust to the spatial characteristics of each schoolyard. By displaying tips and insights from this 18-month valuable experience, Maria is offering an overview of the project’s roadmap, from engaging the school community to finally converting the asphalt-covered basic schoolyards into gender-neutral, nature-based and learning places.

Click on YouTube to watch the video in high resolution!

You can find our French version here!

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Maria Sitzoglou, UIA Expert
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