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In her 1st Journal, Maria Sitzoglou, UIA expert of the OASIS project, discusses all key activities that you need to know about it, what the project is about and how it approaches its innovative solution to protect the most vulnerable populations from environmental threats, adapt the City’s infrastructure to their specific needs, while at the same time build inclusive and cohesive communities.

She shares her insights on the city’s opportunity to team up with a cross-disciplinary group of experts in order to explore in depth the multiple benefits across the environmental, social, educational, public health and governance domain, through OASIS. In her words, the true resilient value of the OASIS lies beyond the environmental challenges as it aims to strengthen the neighbourhoods’ social cohesion, by becoming the neighbourhood’s meeting place as well as to promote civic participation, by fostering the development of citizen initiatives.

She guides her audience through all the project’s major achievements and accomplishments so far, and discusses the development of the project through the lens of the seven implementation challenges, highlighting those of the cross-departmental processes and interdisciplinary expertise for the appropriate construction of the OASIS infrastructure.

Read through to find out how the city aims to cope with these!


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Maria Sitzoglou, UIA Expert
Paris, France
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