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In his 2nd journal of the MILMA project, UIA expert Dario Mazzella highlights the progress of the MILMA Project in Fuenlabrada in the last month. It focuses on its innovative approach towards improving integration of immigrants, as well as employability and entrepreneurial skills of youth and unemployed people. The journal presents the methodology used to design BC Labs, and focuses on the transversal training part, called ETEIs (Experimental Teams of Employment and Integration).

Dario guides us through the MILMA innovative approach, which focuses on the one hand on stimulating integration of migrants, by creating heterogeneous groups of individuals (mixing both locals and migrants), and on the other hand on empowering unemployed people, by connecting them with local enterprises, with the dual goal of offering a qualified sectorial training and of exposing participants to entrepreneurial challenges.  
Dario also looks at the barriers that people face in regard to entrepreneurship, in terms of access to finance, lack of appropriate skills, and lack of business networks. In Dario’s words, these obstacles are often more important for people from groups that are disadvantaged and under-represented in entrepreneurship, who often face additional barriers related to attitudes, motivations and welfare systems that discriminate against entrepreneurship. 
Finally, Dario looks into the challenges faced by MILMA; both the anticipated ones, but most importantly those that that could not have been predicted. Enjoy reading!

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Dario Mazzella, UIA Expert
Fuenlabrada, Spain Small sized cities (50k > 250k)
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