Milan journal 3
In the third edition of the OpenAgri journal, the UIA expert Miguel Sousa, gives a complete overview of the latest development and challenges faced by the project and demonstrate how an urban policy experimentation is seeking to create new jobs, skills, start-ups and innovation in agri-food sector, while increasing the level of resilience and sustainability of the City of Milan.

Through a wide range of activities combining living labs, artistic residence and jobs shadowing, OpenAgri is currently offering a major contribution to the establishment of more sustainable spatial, socio-economic, and environmental linkages between urban and peri-urban areas. 
The journals brings evidences on the capacity of the project to overcome some key implementation bottlenecks related to the risky activities developed (as for the case of the widespread hub) and provide an analysis of the 18 OpenAgri selected proposals that will be implemented in the 30 hectares of the "urban fringe" project area, located in the south part of Milan. 

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Miguel Sousa, UIA Expert
Milan, Italy
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The Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) is a European Union initiative that provided funding to urban areas across Europe to test new and unproven solutions to urban challenges. The initiative had a total ERDF budget of €372 million for 2014-2020.

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