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First Zoom In of the UIA project IGNITION and visualisation of the project’s citizen engagement activities.

Extreme weather events are becoming an increasing part of urban life in Greater Manchester with the risk of rivers bursting their banks, rain creating standing water after only a relatively modest downpour or heat waves. In addressing these impacts, Greater Manchester sees a significant potential in nature-based solutions and aims for a 10% uplift in its urban green infrastructure by 2038. Implementation faces, however, different challenges including sufficient financing for large-scale measures. The IGNITION project will, therefore, develop innovative business models and financing mechanisms to enable delivery of nature-based solutions. One way to push for more investment in urban green is to engage and empower citizens. They are the primary users of the city and would benefit from more urban greening; hence, they should have a strong interest in its uplift. In an attempt to understand the knowledge and perception of citizens and their wants, the project team has conducted a citizen engagement survey and workshops. The lessons learned will be used now to develop a strategy and targeted measures for engagement and empowerment. The Prezi presentation visualises the process and results of the survey and workshops and lessons learned.

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Birgit Georgi, UIA Expert
Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
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The Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) is a European Union initiative that provided funding to urban areas across Europe to test new and unproven solutions to urban challenges. The initiative had a total ERDF budget of €372 million for 2014-2020.

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