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UIA Expert Nils Scheffler has been collecting the knowledge stemming from the implementation of the innovative solution proposed by the City of Birmingham for this 2nd project journal.
The project seeks new solutions combating urban poverty by linking larger capital investment projects (macro-assets) in deprived neighbourhoods with local community skills, talents and ideas (micro-assets).
This 2nd Journal outlines the project’s progress during the last semester and reflects upon the main challenges faced and analyse how they have been dealt with.
The key project activities reflected in the Journal are:
  • Co-implementation of a complex, multi-partnership project
  • Communicating a multi-facetted project to local communities
  • Creation of a community of social enterprises
  • Matching job skills in the community with job opportunities
  • Identification of local skills and assets through community researchers

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Nils Scheffler, UIA Expert
Birmingham, United Kingdom
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The Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) is a European Union initiative that provided funding to urban areas across Europe to test new and unproven solutions to urban challenges. The initiative had a total ERDF budget of €372 million for 2014-2020.

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