Antwerp journal 2
UIA Expert Fabio Sgaragli has been collecting the knowledge stemming from the implementation of the innovative solution proposed by the City of Antwerp for the successful integration of young unaccompanied migrants for this 2nd UIA Journal.

In the second UIA Journal, you will find out how the project has continued to progress looking specifically at:

  •  The interaction between the young migrants and their buddies in the co-housing solutions that the project is implementing
  • The challenges faced by the migrants in the path to independent living and integration
  • The actions taken by the project management team in order to adapt to changing and new realities that the project is producing

This second journal provides a practical overview of how the integration of unaccompanied young people from different countries can be done in order to help them on a path of independent living where education is key for a sustainable outlook. This is especially important in the case of this target group where the need to enter the labour market without obtaining qualifications is on occasions urgent that may hinder their true integration in Antwerp society.

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Antwerp, Belgium
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