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In her 1st Journal, Birgit Georgi, UIA expert of the GSIP project, discusses all key activities that you need to know about, what the project is about and how it approaches its innovative solution to develop retrofit programmes of urban green infrastructure and nature-based solutions (NBS).

She shares her insights on how IGNITION faces all seven implementations challenges and why. She explains that although some of the challenges had already been explicitly addressed in the original project design, however, in moving on with the project, the challenges have become more concrete and need targeted solutions. She convincingly argues that the challenges as well as the potential solutions to tackle them need to be monitored continuously to adjust solutions or find new ones where needed.

Most importantly, Birgit shares her thoughts on why challenges will not be static throughout the project. In her own words, they will materialise, in- or decrease at different phases or points of the project. As Birgit puts it, while the project currently is well supported in the context of a climate emergency, this support cannot be taken for granted in the future. She explains why the situation can change and highlights the awareness needed from the project and the need to pave the way.

Read through to get the first taste of IGNITION!


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Birgit Georgi, UIA Expert
Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
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