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Podcast with Action Aid

Exploring innovative ways to engage young people - especially those on the margins - has been an important aspect of the WISH-MI project. Partners in Milan have explored different ways to engage young people  - both online and face to face - as part of the city’s aspiration to create a different kind of dialogue with them. Ultimately, this aims to reshape the city’s offer of services designed to improve levels of youth wellbeing. 

Participatory public art has been an important facet of their approach. In the most visible examples, this has involved young people collaborating with recognised artists to transform their neighbourhoods. In this podcast, our UIA Expert, Eddy Adams, explores this experience with Chiara Paparini, from Action Aid, one of the WISH-MI partners and Dario Pruonto, one of the artists coordinating these activities. 

You can listen to the Podcast HERE

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