Fostering local skills and innovation capacity in the forest sector: UFIL's first journal is out
In this first journal edition of the UFIL project, the UIA Expert Rossella Soldi presents the challenges and the solutions implemented by the City of Cuenca in the implementation of this innovative project, aiming at fostering local skills and innovation capacity in the forest sector.

 The first year of the UFIL was dedicated to the development of a solid organisational structure, setting the scene for a future strong engagement of citizens and stakeholders. The Journal also describes how Cuenca was able to quickly react to the different problems and barriers faced (from the political deadlock determined by local elections to the necessity to fine-tune project’s organisational, communication and reporting arrangements elections),  adopting alternative solutions that managed to keep the project still on going and on track. 

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Rossella Soldi, UIA Expert
Cuenca, Spain Small and medium-sized cities (50k > 250k)
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