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This Zoom-in reflects on the lessons learned in the IGNITION project on the way to find wider options for local authorities – despite challenges - to boost greenspace and nature-based solutions in their territory going beyond business as usual approaches.

While there is already a general consensus among local decision-makers in Greater Manchester that the amount of greenspace and nature-based solutions need to be increased, they are faced with internal and external challenges. On top of the list is the austerity of public budgets, with further barriers posed by knowledge gaps on the cost-effectiveness of nature-based solutions and working in silos. Citizens are unaware of the extent of services of greenspace as well as of implementation challenges of the local authority, while private investors are uncertain about the benefits. 

The podcast (below) explores, how  IGNITION, by shifting the focus from generic financing models to developing locally specific models based on specific benefits to stakeholders, could overcome limitations and find inspiration to develop the next generation of funding stream models. 

The infographic summarises the currently identified six innovative types of options for local authorities to act to boost greenspace and nature-based solutions. For each type, available examples and tools are assembled to ease the way for followers to become familiar with the options, and to adjust and apply them in their own local context. This information forms part of the comprehensive IGNITION report Investing in a greener Greater Manchester: A nature-based solutions investment guide for local authorities.

Infographic Innovative ways for local authorities to boost greenspace and nature-based solutions
Infographic Innovative ways for local authorities to boost greenspace and nature-based solutions


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